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Road To CNC
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Welcome to RTC Educational Website

Road To CNC is a solo developed website by Taha Elghabi ( KOBeerose ) a former CPGE student in Salmane El Farissi and current Data Science student at INPT. As a passionate student about coding and web development specifically, I had been thinking for a while to make my first project using the skills that I acquired in this field.

Right after I had finished the CNC exam, I decided to start working on a platform for CPGE that would gather courses, exams, and all important documents in one place. My pure motivation was actually the trouble I had searching for exams, I would waste most of the time going through multiple websites that haven't been updated for years.

The journey of making this project wasn't easy by any means. In fact, I got lost many times in the vast world of the web, fortunately, I have an amazing friend Abdelmalek El Mellouki who happens to be an expert in web development. he was always helpful and ready to show me the right direction. Albeit he didn't write any code his advice was a key to this platform success.

All in all, I am really optimistic about this platform's future, and I am convinced that many of you are ready to help this platform grow by sending us documents that we currently don't have or supporting us on Patreon.


Taha ElGhabi

“I am so glad I had successfully made this platform and I am looking forward to new ways in which I can help students overcome the problems that they face throughout the journey of their education”